Five Things to Consider Before Booking Fire Safety Training for Your Employees

If you want some of your employees to learn about fire safety, there are a number of options you may want to explore. Before booking your fire safety course, however, you may want to consider the following tips. They can help you choose the correct course and identify questions to ask the course provider.

1. Hone in on What You Need

Before you start looking for a fire training course, you should hone in on what you need. For instance, in some cases, you may just want to ensure that all of your employees know how to use the office fire extinguisher. In other cases, you may need more comprehensive training sessions such as how to deal with fire risks around toxic chemicals. Luckily, companies that offer fire safety training have a range of classes on the menu.

You may also want to identify your need for other training courses such as height training, confined spaces training or first aid training. If you book multiple courses through the same company, that can help minimise scheduling issues and potentially even earn you a multi-class discount.

2. Decide If You Want the Course On or Off Site

Many safety training companies offer courses both on and off site. If you want all your employees involved, you may want to set up corporate fire safety training at your place of business. However, if you only need a couple of key managers trained, you may just want to send them to an off-site course. Additionally, if you want the trainer to go through dangerous situations that are possible at your place of business, you may want the training to happen on site for the greatest level of accuracy.

3. Consider Industry Expectations

In some industries, fire training may be required by law, and you may be required to enroll your employees in certain courses. Contact a licensed fire safety course provider. They can answer questions about your industry and what you need to be compliant.

4. Identify Who Needs Hands-On Experience

Studying a safety manual can be useful, but in some cases, you may feel safer if your employees get hands-on training. Decide who needs hands-on training, and make sure that the instructor of the fire safety course can accommodate that request. For instance, if you have an employee who takes care of first aid issues in your office, you may want them to get hands-on training with the fire suppression blanket, but you may want all employees to walk through your evacuation strategy.

For more details, contact a fire safety course provider.

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