Tips for Safely Using Industrial Elevating Equipment

Virtually every industrial facility uses elevating equipment to enable employees to safely access inventory that's positioned at a height. However, this equipment can pose a risk to workers if it is used improperly. Read on to find out more about the safe usage of this type of apparatus.

Use mobile safety steps

A mobile safety step is essentially a ladder on wheels; it is regularly used in industrial environments, such as factories and warehouses, by those who need to gain quick access to materials on high shelves or platforms. Because the steps are attached to castors, the equipment can easily be moved from one area of a facility to another without anyone having to carry it.

A thorough pre-inspection of this equipment should be carried out each time it needs to be used; this will take no more than a minute or so and could potentially prevent an employee from sustaining a serious injury. The person performing this inspection should check that the brakes are functional and that they are fully engaged before anyone attempts to ascend the steps.

The handrail should also be examined; a quick shake should indicate whether or not any of its screws have come loose. If they have, these should be tightened with the appropriate tool prior to the steps being used.

The floor area should also be inspected for signs of spillages; liquids should be mopped up before anyone climbs the steps, as even a small puddle could lead to the castors slipping whilst the steps are in use.

Boom lift

A boom lift is a type of aerial work platform which is frequently used in industrial facilities. Much like with the aforementioned safety steps, a pre-inspection of the boom lift should be performed before it is used. This should include an examination of its brakes, warning lights, emergency lowering controls, the engine and the basket.

The user should also check for potential hazards the area in which the boom lift is to be operated  (things such as slippery or sloping ground conditions, for example, which could cause the equipment to topple over, or overhead obstacles, which could collide with the boom lift and injure the person standing in the basket).

Lastly, those who intend to use this equipment should check that their own body weight, combined with the weight of any tools or materials they intend to carry with them whilst standing on it, does not exceed the maximum weight guidelines recommended by the boom lift hire supplier, as overloading could cause the basket to collapse which, in turn, could result in the person using it falling to the ground and hurting themselves.

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