Commercial Air Conditioning: Popular Systems You Could Consider

If you are running a business, one of the crucial decisions to make would be what type of commercial air conditioning you should install. Air conditioning is essential for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you need to ensure that your employees are working in an environment with comfortable temperatures. Secondly, air conditioning also ensures that your equipment is not subjected to high heat that could end up damaging their internal components. Moreover, commercial equipment, whether in an office or a warehouse, will emit heat when in operation so air conditioning would be prudent to counter this heat. Here are a couple of commercial air conditioning systems that you could consider.

VRF air conditioning systems

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant flow and is specially designed for large commercial spaces such as warehouses, multi-story office premises, hotels and more. There are two main options that you could choose when contemplating VRF air conditioning systems. The first is the heat pump that has the capability with providing your commercial property with both heating and cooling interchangeably. This property makes it suitable for premises that have an open plan such as offices or a warehouse.

The second type you could select when considering VRF air conditioning systems is the heat recovery option. With this air conditioning, the VRF system is capable of providing both heat as well as cold air simultaneously to the different parts of your building. This simultaneous heating and cooling make it better suited with properties that have individual rooms, such as a hotel. It should also be noted that the VRF heat recovery system is also energy efficient as it functions to recover any lost heat and put it to use by either heating a different space or for heating water.

The main drawback to the VRF air condition technology is that these systems can be quite expensive and may not be viable to business owners on a limited budget.

Split air conditioning systems

If you are looking for an economical air conditioning alternative, split systems would be an ideal option to consider. This type of system is designed for smaller to medium sized commercial premises such as hairdressing salons, pubs and small-scale retail shops. The split systems are mounted in each room that requires air conditioning and is connected to exterior units via wiring that goes through the wall.

Split systems are also relatively easy to maintain, and you will find that if one indoor unit has a problem, chances are the other interior units will remain functional. Split systems do have a drawback, which is they require adequate space outside to accommodate the exterior units. For more information, contact a company like MTA Australasia.

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