Creative Ways to Use Shipping Containers

If you have found a large shipping container for sale, you might be curious what you can do with it. There is actually a lot of potential with a shipping container, which can be a makeshift tool shed or extra storage for holiday decorations. Here are some other ways to use a shipping container.

Outdoor Office

When you work at home, it is a nice change of pace, but you are often distracted by working inside your home. Whether you want to get outside and enjoy nature, or simply need another space where you can keep to yourself to focus, a shipping container is perfect. It allows you to create an office in your backyard without having to spend too much money. With a few upgrades, like lighting and office furniture, you can turn it into your private workspace.

Tiny Housing

Tiny houses are becoming popular as they cost less and are mobile in case you want to move without too much fuss. A large shipping container is an excellent alternative to some of the newer tiny houses being built. You will save even more money, and it is easy to fit onto a trailer you are towing with your vehicle. Of course, you will need to add electrical and plumbing, unless you plan on bringing it to campgrounds only, but there is a lot of potential for turning a shipping container into a living space.


If you enjoy camping but prefer not to sleep outside in a tent, a shipping container can be a good option for you. The container will keep you safe from the elements, including heavy winds and rain, but still allow you to tow it on your vehicle to various campgrounds. It is much less expensive than renting or buying a caravan, and you have full freedom to set it up however you want. Since it is just used for camping and not a second home, you don't need to worry as much about adding electrical and plumbing. You just need it to be warm and comfortable while camping.

Kid's Play House

Why not turn the shipping container into a play house for the kids? You can put it in your backyard and let them decorate it how they want. If you have some construction knowledge, you can cut out some windows and add curtains as well, or just leave it as-is and make sure they keep the door open for proper ventilation.

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