Essential Resonance Basics You Should Learn to Help Solve Vibration Issues in Electric Motors

An electric motor is designed with various internal mechanism units such as bearings and shafts. For effective production, all these units must be free from any electrical or mechanical damage. Severe vibrations on the other hand could be one of the factors that could affect proper operation of such functional units. For your information, supporting structures like resonant machine components within the motor can magnify instances of small to larger vibration issues which might damage the connection of your equipment or cause other catastrophic failures within the machine. You may not be a mechanical or electric pro, but there are few factors you should learn in order to avoid major complications in electric vibrating motors.

Where to Start from

The first step in identifying the problem of your motor is by determining the source of increased vibration. Key interest must be set on whether the vibration is generated from the supporting structures of your equipment or its internal resonance. Mechanical structures like turbines and pumps that use electric motors generate a resonant vibration when their natural frequency is close to the forcing frequency of the rotor speed. When this condition arises, it could cause unexpected and severe vibration cycles by inducing small forces of vibration from the operator of the machine. Such complications arise after implementing a speed change in the electric motor. The solution in this case widely relies on your ability to differentiate between a rotor's critical speed and its structural resonance.  

The Structural Resonance

Structural resonance is the excessive vibration generated from non-rotating components within the machine. Most non rotating components like machine parts and other supporting components have a complex nature and this is the most common resonant condition that may occur at the rotating speed of the motor machine. Other causes that may excite the electric motor machine to gain high speed vibrations are misalignment effects and residual unbalances of internal components. To avoid such cases, your machine must observe all the service checkup requirements whether it involves a professional or a do it yourself home affair.

Critical Speed of Rotors

This speed comes into existence when the natural frequency of the rotor and the resonant component speed match. The mechanical effect is common with steam and gas turbines and centrifugal pumps. When this speed is attained, the rotating element is distorted increasing the vibrating forces. Increased vibrating forces could cause damage to other components of your electric motor.

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