Golden Rules to Ensure Safe Operation of Conveyor Belt Installations

When it comes to bulk material handling applications, conveyor belt systems are a popular choice. But with so many components moving all together, anyone who operates or works near conveyor belts should be familiar with conveyor safety. This article discusses some of the general safety guidelines that must be followed to ensure safe operation of conveyor belt systems.

Instructing workers to avoid making physical contact with the conveyor line.

It is vital for personnel working on or around the conveyor line to avoid touching any part the equipment while it is running. That may seem like common sense, but don't forget that common sense is not so common. Many individuals tend to overlook the significance of avoiding physical contact with any part of the conveyor line during operations and in the process expose their bodies to harm. Do not allow your workers get mischievous when working on or near conveyor belt equipment. That could cause them to sustain some serious injuries. Instead, always instruct equipment operators to steer clear of the conveyor line before they can start it up.

Installing a conveyor belt guarding system.

It is not enough to instruct people operating or working near conveyor belts to avoid touching the conveyor line. As an industry requirement, anyone using conveyor belt systems must install a guard system to block physical access to conveyor nip points. That way, workers would have to breach the guarding system before they could come into contact with the conveyor line. In such cases, the employer won't be held liable for any injuries suffered by any worker. 

Keeping the conveyor line clean.

It's imperative to ensure that the area around the conveyor line is properly cleaned to keep it free of dirt and other forms of foreign debris. This will help remove buildup or obstructions that may result in costly equipment breakdowns and taht make it unsafe for your workers to operate the equipment. Only staff members that are well-trained to maintain conveyor equipment should be allowed to do the cleaning.

Not using faulty equipment.

Employees operating conveyor belt systems must never be allowed to work on faulty equipment. In the event that they notice there is something wrong with the equipment, they should stop operations immediately and inform plant managers about it. Plant managers, on their part, should call professional technicians to action immediately so as to ensure the equipment is back running normally again as soon as possible. 

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