5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Forklift

Hire equipment can be essential for a number of projects. If you need extra equipment at work or for a project at home, forklifts can be exceptionally useful. Hiring a forklift is similar to hiring a car, and before you take out the machinery, there are a few things you may want to do.

1. Talk With the Hire Company About Accessories

The best part about hiring a forklift for a job is that it can do a lot more than just lift pallets. You can add all kinds of accessories to a forklift and use it for anything from digging to leveling to cutting down trees. Tell the hire company what type of work you will be doing and see if they can point you in the right direction in terms of attachments. 

2. Check the Functioning of All Attachments

Ideally, you should connect every attachment you plan to hire. That ensure you have all the correct hardware and components before you leave the hire office. Also, make sure to test out the attachments to ensure they are working correctly.

If you wait until you get back to your work site and the equipment doesn't work as expected, you may be held liable for the damages, and even if the hire company believes that the damage was done before you took out the machine, you still have to drive back and replace the forklift.

3. Look Over the Interior

Try to do a cursory check of the interior of the forklift. Make sure there is no damage to seats, controls, interior glass or any other components. You may want to ask the hire company if they have a rental checklist related to the condition of the forklift. Then, you can note any damage, both you and the hire company rep can sign the checklist, and that can serve as an agreement on the condition of the forklift when you took it.

4. Check Fuel Levels

Also, check on the fuel levels, and talk with the hire company about their expectations. Some companies may want you to bring back the forklift at a predetermined fuel level. Others may want you to return it with as much fuel as it had when you took it out. This tip does not apply to electric forklifts.

5. Talk About Service Agreements

If you are hiring the forklift for an extended period of time, it may make sense to book a service agreement. That is where the hire company agrees to service the forklift while it's in your possession. These fees can be rolled into the hire fees with many equipment hire companies.

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