2 Reasons Why A High-Tech Oven Is A Smart investment For Your Commercial Kitchen

Advanced technology is an unavoidable and ever-increasing facet of modern life. Gadgets, devices and appliances have become almost futuristic and they are present in almost every industry and business. However, when it comes to commercial cooking, many chefs and restaurateurs are still fairly low-tech on the food preparation side of the business.

Many chefs are purists, preferring the time honoured use of a good set of knives and years of acquired skills and techniques over fancy gadgets that may be faster but lack the finesse of the human hand. Yet, with the advent of ultra-modern, intuitive and high-performance ovens like those made by Unox, technology may have now found a home in commercial kitchens.

If you're considering installing a high-tech oven like the Unox models in your commercial kitchen, then here are two reasons why it will be a smart investment for your business.

1. Enhanced quality control

High tech ovens allow your chefs to have complete control over the function, temperature and cooking conditions inside at the touch of a button. They can also control the humidity levels, cooking times and airflow.

The smart technology of the oven means that once an optimal cooking time, temperature and environment have been determined, it can be programmed into the oven. This means a consistent quality of dishes and the removal of human error during the cooking process and no variation in quality even if different chefs are preparing the same dish on different occasions.

2. Increased productivity

The automated function of a high-tech oven means your cooking staff can spend far less time on the technicalities of monitoring cooking times and temperatures. Several minutes each day saved by not needing to manually set temperatures and timers will add to many hours of increased productivity in the long term.

This gives them more time to focus on creating the high quality and aesthetically pleasing dishes your business's success is based on. These high-tech ovens also feature an advanced self-cleaning function which will cut your end-of-shift cleaning routine significantly.

A product that can enhance productivity and ensure consistent quality in dishes is a valuable and important addition in an industry which relies on these factors to be fiscally sound and to gain a respected reputation. A high-tech oven like one of the Unox models is a piece of technology that even the most low-tech and traditional of chefs will soon embrace with gusto. For more information, contact companies like Ian Boer Refrigeration.

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