Considerations When Buying Water Troughs for Farm Animals

Farmers must ensure that their herd is adequately watered so that productivity of their animals can be maximised. Improving animal welfare through the constant provision of water goes a long way in ensuring that farmers get profits from their stock. In this sense, water supply infrastructure concerning tanks, water troughs, pumps and pipes is integral for water delivery and storage. However, novice farmers might not know all the nuances of water troughs, including proper sizing, trough material and accessories. This article offers vital information to such farmers when shopping for water troughs.

Valve System -- Most troughs are sold without a valve that regulates the flow of water. The valve floats should be made of sturdier and durable material because they are susceptible to damage by birds and animals. Also, some valve components might suffer corrosion by acidic water from bores. Therefore, it is recommended to install the corrosive-resistance material. Polyethylene and stainless steel materials are approved. Moreover, consider float attachments that are made of a solid rod as opposed to a rope or chain because the former is less prone to wear and tear.

Concrete Troughs -- Even though precast concrete troughs are massive, and thus, difficult to transport and install, they have a longer lifespan compared to alternative trough materials. You also have a range of design options to choose from, including cup-and-saucer, round and square. The precise design is ideal for farmers who have bores because it ensures continuous charging even during peak demand periods. For square or rectangular troughs, make sure that the corners and the base are rounded for additional strength and safety.

Rubber Bung -- When you need to drain and clean a trough, the process should be easy such that even one person can do the job. Most troughs have a rubber bung at the base, which can be pulled out to drain the receptacle. Over time, water will accumulate grass, dirt and other debris that can cause algal growth. Therefore, by draining the water at least once a month via the rubber bung, you allow the stock to get clean water all the time.

Poly Troughs -- Poly troughs can be transported to your site with ease due to their lightweight quality. Opt for troughs that are made from a single mold so that there are no weak points that can lead to splitting and cracking. Also, troughs should be treated during the manufacturing process to withstand elements such as UV rays from the sun. 

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