3 Key Factors That Come Into Play When Specifying Structural Steel Products

Need to use steel products on a construction project? From residential and non-residential buildings to mega-structures such as dams, bridges and major highways, steel has so many uses in construction. That said, every project is unique and requires products that have been tailored to its specific needs. This is where steel fabricators come in. 

As the name suggests, these companies specialise in creating steel products that are designed with the needs of specific users in mind. Here's a look at some key factors that steel fabricators consider when specifying steel construction products.


Although steel boasts many impressive qualities, its high strength remains the most talked-about quality. Because of this, it is not surprising that many construction contractors favour steel when they need to build high-quality structures that will stand the test of time.

Since different structures have different requirements for strength, not all steel products are suitable for every project. When designing steel products for your construction needs, your steel fabricator will consider the various loads that will act on the structure.

If you need steel products for a road construction project, for example, the weight of the structure itself, as well as vehicle traffic, are some of the structural load actions to take into account when designing your steel products.


Steel construction products are available in an impressive range of shapes and this all comes down to their formability. Formability refers to a material's ability to be turned into the desired shape without being damaged. This is achieved by using manufacturing processes such as rolling, forging and extrusion.

Depending on what your specific project requirements are, your steel fabricator can specify the manufacturing technique for creating the steel products that you need.


For steel construction products that require cutting and joining together pieces of metal material, weldability is a factor that will have a huge impact on how products are made.

Different steel types have different melting points and levels of thermal conductivity and this affects how easily they can be welded. Steel materials with low melting points are generally easier to weld because they heat up and turn into a molten state quickly.

Using the right products is key to any successful steel construction project. That said, specifying structural steel construction products is a technical process that requires expert advice and guidance to get right. For technical assistance with this, never hesitate to discuss your specific project requirements with a steel fabricator.

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